85% of all symptoms have an emotional component.

Despite this pronouncement from the CDC, Americans pumps billions every year into medicine focused exclusively on treating physical symptoms. But nearly 38% of adults are now obese (compared to just 10% in the 1950s!), diabetes stats continue to rise, and heart disease remains the leading killer. What are we missing?

I've worked with hundreds ...

... seeking improvement in health, not to mention my own journey to wellness. I know from experience. Lasting changes only come when we address ALL areas of self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Whether with individuals or organizations, my work focuses on the whole person and the whole picture. I work with all of you to achieve meaningful results.

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Do your employees feel a sense of purpose in their life, and are you helping them connect to it? If not, then your workplace could be contributing to their stress, adding pounds and illness. Even the conservative CDC has stated that 85% of all symptoms doctors treat have an emotional component. And nutrition and physical activity programs alone have not shown to produce lasting behavior changes. Ignoring these facts could cost your company. I work with your organization to develop an actionable wellness plan that addresses all dimensions of employee health: Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

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